Thursday, February 26, 2009

RIGHT TO INFORMATION doesn't exist in Bhutan.

Okay! I may sound stupid to some and perhaps straight forward to the others. You know what? I don't care who thinks what but this is my blog and I believe I have the right to voice out my opinion freely here.

I have been working with Bhutan Today even before it launched and even though I do feel downright frustrated about many things sometimes, I have developed a special attachment with it. It's a second home to me now as I spend more than half of 24 hrs with it. To be honest, I go home just to sleep for about 8 hrs!

I do hate the fact that I don't get to spend time with my family, that I don't get to meet my nephew often, that I don't get to sit down and help my sisters with their studies, that I don't get to talk to my sister who is pregnant and about which I am really excited, that I don't get to hang out with my close friends and that I don't get to spend quality time with my parents.

Surprisingly, despite all these personal grievances, I love my JOB!
The only thing I am really disappointed about in this field is the discrimination that we, as the new media house in the country, face severely.
As a company established just recently, we already have so many complexities. With the addition of discrimination that we have to face, it has become a bit too much for us to hold on to our dreams.

We have created a history by daring to start the first daily paper in the country but if the trend (non cooperation from many government and private organizations) continues, there are possibilities that we may create another history- Bhutan Today shut down because of utter discrimination from the Bhutanese society.

Today morning, I was going through BBS and I noticed something that really made me furious. The article was dated 25 February. It was an article generated through a press release from the FOREIGN MINISTRY. Shockingly, we didn’t get it! You see, that’s what I am talking about.

BBS is a Bhutanese media and so are we!

There are so many organizations, especially government organizations and government owned corporations that doesn’t count us in their list. It seems like you always have something to hide from us.

If they come to know that we are going to do some promotional articles on them, they call us themselves. Otherwise, the spokesperson is always out of station or the relevant person is always in a whole day meeting or not in the office!

Damn you, bureaucrats!