Saturday, June 13, 2009

Money isn’t everything or is it??????????

As an adult, having a job matters because it’s through a job that we earn money and can buy ourselves things that we want and fulfill all responsibilities, but the million dollar question is “Is money everything that matters in life?”

Besides money, integrity, security, environment, sense of belonging- does all these not count?

If someone tells me, “No, money is everything, rest doesn’t even make a difference” then I would definitely be able to say that he is a money minded person who will do anything for money. Who knows, he may even go to the extent licking his boss’ dirty shoes for that matter!

The world today revolves around the power of money. The rich and the influential are the ones who have the power to do anything. With their money, they can buy everything, they can influence others, they can change the course of law in their favour and above all, they can simply get away with anything.

Of course, rich people are the ones who can afford to run a business firm be it of any kind. They may be an illiterate but still they can afford, with their monetary power, to run a business firm of any field. For instance, an illiterate man but with money and power can afford to explore and implement the idea of opening an IT firm. He may not know head or tail of information technology, but he will have the power to employee people who know it thoroughly and yet, take the credit of the firm’s success.

That’s how the world has become now. Money is everything for almost everyone.

But still, in the midst of all these nasty monetarily-powered beasts, we find people, for whom, integrity, honesty, environment, security and sense of belonging means much more than money power.

For people like these, money power is absolutely baseless. No matter what post they hold in an organisation, if they, even slightly, feel insecure, if the environment is not what it should be and the authority itself dominating and corrupt, but despite that, the money that they earn from that particular organisation good, even then they prefer to forego the package and stick to what is right.

For such persons, peace of mind and true sense of rightfulness are all that they hold high above anything else. Money is a secondary element for them. They may, at times, be forced to believe that their perspective of life does not work anymore in today’s world. Despite that, they will sternly stick to their ethics no matter what.
But out of every 100 persons in this world, the above holds true for, shockingly, just about five persons. I don’t know if there has ever been a report on this particular matter and I don’t even know whether others agree with me but I have seen life, I have observed all these and I have realised it all.

Sometimes, we have heard people talk about men or women who have never moved forward in life. They say: “This man has been in this particular post from the time I remember.” However, what people who say this don’t realise is that they are the people who have been honest all their life and for whom money comes after their rightfulness. When people are otherwise, by any which way, they will climb up in life and resemble successful in front of everyone. The fools will appreciate these people and admire them, but the wise will always question in this regard.

I don’t mean to say that all rich and affluent people get to their position through unfair means, but to be true, the case is different only for a handful. For the rest, unfair means are what take them to a high level.