Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goodbye 20s and welcome 30s

Back in the year 2009 I started this blog as an excited girl in her twenties who, at the initial stages, would dedicate most of her free time writing for the blog. After having published any post, the satisfaction and the anxiety of seeing people commenting, or the page views increasing, or the followers growing, was a feeling, beyond any explanation. It just brought a smile on the face no matter what mood I was in.
The enthusiasm slowly fade away into the thin air owing to not just the change in profession but also to the hatred that I had developed towards being a journalist in Bhutan. The reasons should be left untold on a social platform like this- I might get into trouble.
I chose "Speaking from the heart" as my blog title and most of the posts that I have published here rightfully echoes the title. At least, that's what I feel.
But then now, I realize that it would have been diplomatically correct if I had rather chosen "Speaking from the brain" as the title for my blog with also the kind of posts that fit the label.
I am in my early thirties now, staying home and taking rest to ensure that my almost two months foetus turns into a healthy and successful one since the doctor told me about possibilities of a miscarriage. So, I am staying home, not doing much because I need to avoid heavy works. And as boredom overcomes me day after day, out of the blue, my blog came into my mind. The first thing I did, after opening my blog, was change the appearance. Then, I couldn't help but write. And, this is what came out of me. More will come but not as radical and random as before. :)