Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hats off to your disgusting guts!!!!!

Well, now, I am left with no choice but to take back my appreciation for the seven former employees of BTimes for what they did. Read ahead...... you will know why!!!!

I still feel that what they did will help other private employees open up which is a good thing. In a way they showed everyone the way!

However, what followed after the entire drama and action is something that's too hard to digest!!!! At least for B2day employees.

The leader of the gang along with his 'Chelas' (disciples) approached the head of B2day organisation and offered him a fantabulous proposal. (We came to know about it just this morning)

God Almighty! These bunch of back-stabbing ditchers had the audacity to tell the head of B2day to throw out 8 existing reporters of B2day and that they would come in a group of 7 and handle the entire show.

That's not just it! They also wanted the designers and few other heads to be sent out and that they would bring in their own people!!!!!!

Were they out of their mind??????

They should understand the fact that there's a lot of difference between taking out less that 50 issues in a year and bringing out 365 issues in a year!!!!!

BTimes is three years old in the market, which means they have taken out just less than 150 issues so far, where as we, on 30 October this year, would be taking out the 365th issue!!! Get that right, people!

OMG!!! Was it their intention to steal the entire show and become the shining stars?????

Everyone in the market knows the fact that we are changing the quality of our paper soon (the paper that everyone said is of very low quality because the Bhutanese mentality is so obsessive about the milky white paper).

Now, when things are finally taking shape in our paper, they wanted to throw us, the ones who have seen the darkest days in this organisation as well as the good ones, the ones who have slogged their a** off to reach where we have reached today, out and probably run a one-man-show here.

I salute your guts, people!

Anyways, lastly, none of the plans that you have are gonna come true. Do you think we will let it happen?? Or do you think that we will allow you to do such an injustice to us, the ones who started this whole thing that's BHUTAN TODAY today????? In your dreams, guys!!!!

Or have you taken us to be a bunch of rookie reporters who know nothing about the law that protects us??????